Black Friday is Here!

It is once again that time of year when manufactures extend amazing offers on great products. Here at HHB we’ve put together a list of the best Black Friday promotions to be found. Be sure to act quickly as many of these only last until November 29th.  As always, our sales team is happy to help our customers make the most of these offers. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.



Yellowtec are bringing all the colour for Yellow Monday! You’ll have to wait until 29/11 if you want to take advantage of this deal but it is worth the wait. For Yellow Monday customers will  be able to get all the iXm accessories for free with the purchase of an iXM podcaster.



Focusrite Pro


Now until the 6th of December Focusrite Pro have put their RedNet 5 on offer. The RedNet 5 connects your RedNet system to Pro Tools HD. It is interoperable with other Pro Tools interfaces and no RedNet PCIe card is required.




Digital Audio Denmark

DAD is giving customers 10% off the DX32R Digital Audio Bridge from now until the 30/11. The DX32R is an interface and matrix designed for multiple audio applications. It allows users to route all digital input and output and manage them on a mono channel basis within a single unit or combinations of units.



This year for Black Friday NUGEN Audio is offering a 50% discount on Modern Master, MasterCheck, ISL, and Visualizer. There is also still time to take advantage of the current Paragon ST launch deal which will be active until the  6th of December.




iZotope never disappoint with their seasonal offers and this year is no different. There are three new holiday bundles that are only available for a limited time.

The iZotope Holiday Bundle Gold Edition

Treat yourself to all four Elements plug-ins, plus creative staples like Trash 2 and Iris 2, legendary Exponential Audio reverbs like PhoenixVerb and R2, and hundreds of sounds and presets in the iZotope Holiday Bundle Gold Edition – 11 total plug-ins total!

The iZotope Holiday Platinum Edition

Elevate your production with the iZotope Holiday Bundle Platinum Edition, upgraded to include Ozone Standard, and Neutron Standard! Now you can add industry-leading polish to your music alongside Nectar Elements, and RX Elements. Plus, unlock new sounds with creative engines like Trash 2, Iris 2, StutterEdit 2, and more. Mix, master, repair, and create with ease using this versatile, 11 plug-in bundle

The iZotope Holiday Bundle Diamond Edition

Diamonds may last forever, but this ultimate holiday bundle is limited. Upgraded to include Ozone Standard, Neutron Standard, Nectar 3 Plus, Neoverb, & RX Elements, get yourself the gifts you really want this year and supercharge your audio mixing, mastering, and repair workflows. Plus, spark inspiration with creative catalysts like Trash 2, Iris 2, StutterEdit 2, and more in the iZotope Holiday Bundle Diamond Edition. Streamline your workflow with 12 plug-ins in the best bundle of the season

These bundles only make up a small portion of iZotope’s offers, with many more products on sale both for new purchase, crossgrades, and upgrades. Why not contact HHB sales today to see which offer is right for you.


Synchro Arts



Right now, is a great time to check out the latest from Synchro Arts where everything is currently on discount. Don’t miss out and shop Synchro Arts today.






Ableton have put Live 11, the much-loved flexible DAW for music creation and performance, on offer! It comes packed with effects, instruments, and all kinds of creative features. Until the 29th of November new users can save 25% on all versions Live 11 (Intro/Standard/Suite).





This year Sonnox are offering 50% off across almost their entire range of products. Their best-selling products including Inflator, Limiter, and Drum Gate can be found at a staggering 75% off.





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