Avid’s Pro Tools Carbon | First Impressions

Avid Pro Tools Carbon What is it?

Avid’s latest update to their audio product line is the all new Pro Tools | Carbon, a powerful audio interface. Carbon is specifically aimed at providing the tools needed for music recording and production. For our post-production customers looking for something similar, we suggest the MTRX Studio with HDX card. It’s been a decade since Avid’s last in-house designed and manufactured audio interface and at HHB we are excited to have and explore one of the few Carbon units in the UK.

First Impressions

Right out of the box Carbon feels right, it’s got a great heft to it and after months of looking at render images the final look is beyond what we were expecting. The build quality is very high, with the encoders and switches having a robust feel. With demo unit in hand, it was a simple and easy set up to get it working in the HHB demo room. Pro Tools gives a great amount of feedback, both when setting up and when in use making it very straightforward to get started with the new Hybrid Engine right away. As for the sound, we like to leave that up to the customer, test it for yourself at HHB headquarters today.

Accessible HDXAvid Carbon Pro Tools

Carbon is a powerful tool for any recording engineer, studio owner, or serious musician. As we’ve had a hand in supplying and installing many HDX cards across major recording studios, post-houses, and broadcasters we are excited that the new Hybrid Engine combines HDX technology with native processing. The sub-zero latency, and audio processing head-room that it provides will make it a great tool for users without the cost and complexity of a full HDX system.

Our team has been impressed with Carbon and are looking forward to sharing it with the recording community here in the UK. For technical information on Carbon check out our overview page where you can learn all the tech and specs for this brand-new product.

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