Announcing Source-Nexus® Suite

Source-Nexus Suite by Source Elements
The world’s most popular DAW audio routing solution just expanded into a flawless high-quality
audio & video streaming suite.

Ten years ago Source Elements introduced cross-application DAW routing with their ground-breaking Source-Nexus plugin, setting the genre for remote
collaboration and aiding the consolidation from hardware to an all-software desktop environment. Having inspired many manufacturers, inter-application routing is now standard fare in most popular DAWS. Source Elements is innovating again with the launch of their
expanded Source-Nexus Suite.

The expanded Source-Nexus Suite includes three main features offering everything needed for remote collaboration and review. Source-Nexus I/O is a powerful audio input-output routing solution that integrates DAWs/NLEs seamlessly with other applications. Source-Nexus Review takes away the complexity of audio routing for remote collaboration enabling flawless review sessions. Source-Nexus Gateway glues these three features together offering HD video conferencing with sophisticated high quality audio support and ultra-HD frame-rate streaming. This workflow keeps the focus on the project while improving the review process for engineers and clients alike.

Source Elements Co-founder and Head of Innovation, Robert Marshall says that “as a working sound engineer, Source-Nexus Suite means that I can rely on sharing time-critical work with remote clients without worrying about compromising audio quality on consumer video
conferencing systems”.

The new Source-Nexus Suite alone is a powerful standalone toolset, when paired with Source Element’s Source-Connect it creates the perfect environment for remote recording sessions. Together remote sessions run smoothly with virtually no setup time keeping clients and talent
focused. The interoperability between DAWs and browsers keeps the workflow simple for recording engineers. This helps keep media projects on time and within budget while offering the most advanced remote reviewing and recording features available today.

Tailored for the media industry and their workstations including video and picture editors, Source-Nexus Suite has already proven a welcome addition to the film and television industry’s toolset. For Suite One Productions editor Sarah Taylor, CCE, “Source-Nexus Suite made for very efficient virtual edit sessions on a feature film and web series when our team was spread out across the country. The stream played back so smoothly!”

Source-Nexus Suite is an affordable, feature rich, best all-in-one package for media professionals. The suite offers full support for Windows and macOS Apple Silicon and Intel. Source-Nexus Suite transforms most DAWs and NLEs to a high-quality remote production suite featuring HD video and audio communications over a browser. Magnetic Studio’s head engineer John Fippen says that “The Source-Nexus Gateway is a game changer. The ability to remotely collaborate with clients, voice talent and producers has gone from a luxury to an essential capability and Source-Nexus Suite is a best-in-class solution.”

This is only the first step in improvements, customers can look forward to capabilities such as the ability to provide static, flexible audio routing setups, Dolby ATMOS compatibility in Gateway, and much more.


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