A look inside the new world of working from home

Many audio professionals have been working from home studios for a long time now. For some their home set up has always been their studio while for others the transition from multiroom facilities to the home has been an abrupt change. With the current focus on remote-set ups we have shared advice on various aspects of remote-working, most recently we released an article on soundproofing your home studio.  To switch things up a bit we reached out to a few of our customers to ask if they would let us peek behind the curtain and let us see their home set ups. Luckily a few were happy to share their workspaces and thoughts on their experience of working from home.


Simon Changer | North Seven Studios

Simon normally finds himself working from North Seven Studios which is part of the Tileyard Studios complex near London’s King’s Cross St Pancras station. His work is varied as he works as a producer, engineer, and music editor. As a music editor he has worked with composers such as Christian Henson, Daniel Pemberton, Hans Zimmer, and James Newton Howard. His recording and mixing credits include David Gray, Hayley Westenra, Karl Jenkins, and Sola Akingbola (Jamiroquai). When we reached out Simon shared, “Headphones and kids are making working from home tough but getting through it and enjoying not commuting. However, I’m deeply saddened for the loss of loved ones for so many people and very thankful to be safe.”




Paul Guiver | Foley Foots and Moves

When it comes to working from home Dubbing Mixer Paul Guiver had this to say, “I set up my home studio operation 11 years ago with a Avid C24 mixer: last year I decided to upgrade my equipment and with advice from Scrub bought an Avid dock and S1 mixer.  At a price affordable to most freelance dubbing mixers they both gave me a lot of the features that more expensive consoles provide. The changeover has certainly made my workflow easier and I am discovering new ways of working all the time.

Advances in technology such as Skype or Zoom have revolutionised the way we work from home with respect of getting client and producer approval. Whilst I appreciate that there is no substitute from being in the same room, the home studio does have it’s place especially at the present time.”



Nick Cox | The Farm Group

Award winning Re-Recording Mixer Nick Cox who generally gets to work out of the impressive London based FarmGroup studios. However, it sounds like Nick has come to deeply enjoy his new situation reminding us all that it’s the ear not the gear that gets projects done. “Having just spent the last four and a half years working in Los Angeles, I noticed how many mixers were producing a large proportion of their mixes from home. On my return to the UK I decided to put together my own system and I’m loving this super minimal set up. It doesn’t take over my flat, sounds great and runs huge sessions with ease.”



Raj Sehgal | Grand Central Recording Studios

Raj is a Sound Designer & Re-Recording Mixer who’s work focuses cinema, TV, and radio advertising he is also a founding partner of GCRS.

“I was lucky as I had built a home studio to play around with immersive sound formats about a year before lockdown. It was built in my front room at home, and acoustically treated by bringing in the walls doing as much as I could. Currently using Pro Tools 20.5 with an S3, and Focusrite Claret 8 pre, with 7.1.4 monitoring built around Dyn Audio LYD8’s , JBL Studio sub and JBL ceilings with a pair of Genelec’s and sound bar for small speaker monitoring .Its good enough for home and definitely  rocks the neighbours!”

However, even with an utterly impressive set up he admits that transitioning to working from home completely took some getting used to.

“The first couple of weeks at home was a learning curve on client connections and getting final mixes out, but once that settled in, the workflow has been great.”


Kate Davis | Directors Cut Films

We had the pleasure of helping Head of Sound, Senior Dubbing Mixer Kate Davis appropriate some of the gear from one of Directors Cut’s studios. Now with some Genelec 8030s, and a sparkly new Avid S1 console she is fully functioning in her lounge.

She commented, “It’s amazing how the industry has transitioned to working from home and continued to deliver to our clients and viewers. I’ve not always found it easy, and I can’t say I really enjoy this kind of solitude, but it’s been heart-warming how everyone has looked out for each other, and suppliers and plug in developers have made it easy for engineers to move licences and kit home to continue working.

For me the worst thing about working from home is missing the face to face interaction with colleagues and clients. It is also a little unsettling to hear kids screaming, planes passing overhead and birds singing and not be entirely sure if they’re outside or in your mix, and it’s not easy to switch off when my dubbing theatre is two feet away from my sofa.

The best things about working from home…. obviously not having to the commute every day – I now use that time to go for a walk early morning to get some fresh air and to keep my mental health in check. And being at home does mean my wine rack is in close proximity when it comes to post work yardarm.”



Nick Fry | The Farm

Nick Fry is a BAFTA winning Senior Dubbing Mixer and Head of Audio at The Farm. As Head of Audio Nick not only had to consider his own home set up but ensure that each of his mixers had what they needed as well.

“I’ve enjoyed working form home and been lucky to have the space but really missing The Farm’s studio’s now. I am still amazed that we were able to get 8 PT systems out to mixers in the fist week of lockdown, allowing them to work from home – an amazing group effort! Big thank you to Avid for the S3 and Scrub for all the support calls!”




Paul Lane | Supersonic Sound

Senior Sound Designer and Mixer Paul Lane who owns Supersonic Sound a post-production audio suite that works on tv, animation, radio, corporate and multimedia.  Supersonic already focuses on offering a streamlined approach to their audio post-production services. So, it should come as no surprise that for a home set-up Paul turned to the new Avid S1 Console which has become a real favourite among audio professionals working from home.

“I recently bought an Avid S1 with the 12.9” iPad Pro from Scrub to use in my home studio whilst Covid prevents me from using the main studio.

There I use a 32 fader D control as my studio desk with Xmon, Sync and 2x HD interfaces- but the Avid S1 with Avid Control and HD Omni has been an utter pleasure to work with so much so that I’m tempted to purchase another S1.”


HHB at Home

Just like our clients we too have had to change our work set-ups.  Our CTO John Johnson when not out at our customers studios generally works out of our Scrub location in Fitzrovia. While Lexie Morgan, Head of Marketing at HHB generally works out of HHB HQ on Scrubs lane. Here is what they are currently working with.




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