YELLOWTEC m!ka Set 5 Black - YT3844

Triple Monitor Set in black finish


£715.00 Price excludes VAT

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This listing is for the black finish version. The images of the set above show the aluminium finish. See the related products section below for images of the included components in the black finish.

The Yellowtec m!ka sets are kits of the components needed for twelve common equipment layouts. These include mounting one, two or three monitors, with or without a microphone arm, from a single desk mounted pole as well as variations for a script tray (CopyStand) or tablet mount (Pad-Dock). All twelve are available in aluminium or black finish and include all of the components required. These sets represent a small selection of what is possible with the m!ka mounting system. If they do not fully meet your requirements, please contact us to discuss customising your own set. From swapping out the size of mic arm or pole, to adding additional components or changing the way the pole is attached the possibilities are endless.

The m!ka Triple Monitor Set includes two of Yellowtec’s m!ka Monitor Arm M (YT3630) as well as a m!ka Monitor Arm XS (YT3631) for third, centrally located monitor. Each one is suitable to mount a monitor with a weight up to 15kg. Thanks to the dimensions of the three monitor arms, three monitors of up to 18″ each can be mounted next to each other on one m!ka Pole. Equipped with a QuickFix Adapter for VESA75 and VESA100 fixtures, proper adjustment of only a few screws will lead to securely fastened monitors according to their weight and in any position you pull them to. Thanks to the Monitor Arms’ swivel head joints, you can customize the horizontal and vertical inclination and separately define the force needed to change both. Be it a switch in seats or a setup which is used by different persons, our m!ka Monitor Arms allow you to customize your monitors’ positions within seconds.

The Set also includes a 54.5cm m!ka System Pole M (YT3643) and Desktop Mounting Kit (YT3245). The pole is securely attached to a desktop by drilling a 12mm hole and bolting the pole though the desk. All the required components are included. A drill to make to hole is the only additional tool required.

See the individual system components listings for full details.

Also available in aluminium finish.