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MAVRIC is Wohler’s first comprehensive software applications suite, built to support remote monitoring and deployed on-premise, in a private Cloud or provided as a hosted service managed by Wohler. The suite comprises of three applications, Remote Monitoring, Alerting, and integrated Conferencing.




Remote Monitoring has been built as a natural progression to Wohler’s in-rack monitoring products, keeping in sight our customers’ need to monitor signals across the globe and removing the need for a person to be physically in front of the equipment. Automated Alerting provides customers with the ability to continuously monitor remote signals and be notified of signal errors, thereby improving productivity of operators by having them look at signals only when their attention is actually required. Built-in Conferencing is great if you’re looking to quickly resolve issues across global locations, with instant-talk within a predefined group of operators. MAVRIC allows customers to not only view meters and loudness remotely, but also actually hear the audio via a standard browser, and via a free app available for both Android and iOS.




MAVRIC is designed and built for all existing customers, in addition to new ones. The system integrates with audio software probes built into our current iSeries and eSeries in-rack monitors, enabling our customers to do more with existing equipment they may already own. The key features are that while remote monitoring, including the ability to listen to a pair of selected channels remotely, the software probe does not in any way interfere with the normal operation of the in-rack monitor, and the operator interacting with the front panel is not even aware of the existence of the software probe.  The system also enables multiple users to look at the signals from these software probes simultaneously.

The software probes are complemented with hardware option cards for our in-rack monitors, as well as our openGear monitor-on-a-card product. These hardware options add the ability to remotely monitor and view video and audio meters, in addition to remotely listening simultaneously to up to 16 channels of audio. The openGear monitor-on-a-card ships standard with SDI, but which includes optional AoIP (Ravenna/AES67 or Dante) and ST2110 remote monitoring. The openGear card is a significant innovation designed to support remote monitoring needs for infrastructure like out-of-town datacenters, which typically don’t have operators who can stand in front of an in-rack monitor.


MAVRIC can monitor baseband as well as IP signals. Configure Alerts to continuously monitor selected signals to detect errors occurring over a programmable duration, and to automatically trigger alerts. Alerts can be transmitted as paging notifications to a predetermined group of operators on the accompanying Wohler mobile App

Probe Configuration

Create and save configurations to continuously monitor 16 channels of audio, and (depending on probe type) one video signal for a host of errors. Save these configurations as handy “presets”, that can then be applied to additional probes to save configuration time. Select out of a range of saved presets to quickly reconfigure a signal probe to monitor a different selection/configuration of signals connected to probes.

User Management

Create individual users and user groups within MAVRIC. Create and assign probes and or probe groups to users and or user groups, to create a highly scalable system potentially spanning the globe with probes and users located anywhere in the world. Enable instantaneous communications across users and overlapping groups as needed, via the Conferencing application.


Enable operators to create their own custom multiviewer by providing them with access to a predetermined set of signal probes. Enable operators to view signals from anywhere in the world, by assigning the desired selection of signal probes to them. Multiviewer capabilities include the ability to view 16 audio meters, that can be listened to remotely (depending on probe type), one channel of video, along with audio loudness for any selected cluster and signal metadata for the signal being monitored.


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