Figure of 8 Colette series capsule


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Colette series figure of 8 microphone capsule. Requires CMC 6 or other compatible powering module.

Figure of 8 capsule – near frequency independent polar pattern.

The MK / CCM 8 is often used for MS and double MS stereophony in film sound and music recording, in combination with Colette or CCM microphones and / or a CMIT shotgun.

This type of capsule is a pure dipole. The figure eight characteristic of the MK 8 remains ideal from the lowest to the highest frequencies, which is particularly important when used in MS pairs. The sensitivity drops more towards low frequencies than with other capsules, but the close-up effect is more pronounced.

The MK 8 is particularly difficult to manufacture as a pure pressure gradient receiver because the usable pressure gradient is minimal. Nevertheless, the MK 8 achieves an excellent frequency response with very good polar diagrams, high symmetry and low background noise.

The microphone is comparatively sensitive to vibrations, so it should be ensured that it is well protected against structure-borne noise and wind, e.g. with suitable, elastic suspensions.

The directivity is to the side, i.e. perpendicular to the microphone housing and is marked at 0 ° and 180 ° by a red or black point on the capsule housing. When recording using MS technology, the 0 ° axis points to the left when viewed from a position behind the microphone, and the “8” engraved on the front of the microphone is exactly horizontal.