HiRes version of the CMC 6 microphone output stage.


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Colette Series 12-48V phantom microphone output stage.

The addition of active electronics between the mic capsule and mic amplifier in the Schoeps Colette Series allows the conventional mic configuration to be miniaturised without compromising performance, for applications where visual impact is a factor. Three mic preamp output stages are available: the CMC 5 has a Class-A output stage and requires 48V phantom power, while the CMC 6 is almost identical, but operates on 12-48V phantom power. The CMC 6 xt is a special version of the CMC 6 which, when used with any of the axial-address (front-firing) capsules, provides an extended frequency response from 20Hz to beyond 40kHz. Some of the capsules are also available in the form of stand alone miniature compact condenser microphones (CCM) which exhibit the same characteristics as the capsules whose name they bear.