Open cardioid Colette series capsule


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Colette series open cardioid microphone capsule. Requires CMC 6 or other compatible powering module.

The open cardioid polar pattern was developed by SCHOEPS in 2008. It is located between the classic cardioid and the wide cardioid. It is a special variant of the cardioid that achieves a very natural sound with good directivity. The many years of experience of many sound engineers working with the various types of cardioid pattern from SCHOEPS played a major role in the development.

The MK 22 has now become a popular soloist and support microphone and thus an alternative to the classic MK 4.

  • Unique directional characteristic: Open cardioid
  • Optimal combination of the directivity of the classic cardioid (MK 4) and the sound properties of the wide cardioid (MK 21)
  • Low frequency dependence of the directivity leads to a natural sound
  • Preferred use as support and soloist microphone as well as in the main microphone pair e.g. Distance 21cm, angle +/- 55 ° or as a centre microphone with MS