RTW TM9 TouchMonitor

Loudness monitor and comprehensive audio meter.


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Setting New Standards: TouchMonitor TM9

Intuitive and flexible audio metering, freely configurable, easy-to-use GUI, 9″ touch screen. A wide range of audio interface options enable straightforward integration in any system. Software licence modules can be ordered with the meter or easily purchased and activated later. These modules offer a wide range of flexible functionality and aesthetic layout options.

The new level

The all-new audio metering units of the TouchMonitor range is RTW‘s answer to growing requirements in today‘s production, post-production, and broadcast world. Equipped with high-grade 7“ or 9“ touch screens and an easy-to-use GUI, TouchMonitor enters a new level of professional audio metering in terms of precision, performance, efficiency and flexibility.

Simple and flexible

The graphical user interface used in the TouchMonitor TM9 is controlled simply by using your finger or a mouse. Instruments can be scaled, randomly positioned and combined in almost every way for optimized use of available screen space. Even multiple instruments of the same type, assigned to different input channels and configurations, can be displayed simultaneously. Plus, a context-sensitive, on-screen help feature supports the user, allowing him to make setup changes with ease.

Basic software and extensions

The fully scalable, modular software concept allows flexible configuration according to your needs. The 4-channel basic software (4 x Mono, 2 x Stereo, 2 x Mono and 1 x Stereo, Peak Hold, Phase Meter, Global Keyboard, Gain-Reduction) can extensively be expanded by activating optional software licences like Multichannel Mode, Loudness, RTA and others. The current firmware version provides measurements of immersive surround formats. On new devices with appropriate audio interface, these signals can also come from AoIP data streams now.


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Audio interface options to be specified at time of order are as follows: –

HW20911 (20900 TM9 meter with HW20911 Interface aka TM9-Studio)

  • 8 analogue inputs balanced (D-Sub)
  • 8 digital inputs + 8 digital outputs
    (4 x AES3 In, 4 x AES3 Out, D-Sub)
  • Expandable with HW20930 3G-SDI option

HW20912 (20900 TM9 meter with HW20912 Interface aka TM9-BNC) 

  • 8 analogue inputs balanced (D-Sub)
  • 8 digital inputs (4 x AES3id In, BNC)
  • 8 digital outputs (4 x AES3id Out, BNC)
  • Expandable with HW20930 3G-SDI option

HW20913 (20900 TM9 meter with HW20913 Interface aka TM9-AES16)

(20900 TM9 meter with HW20913 & HW20930 Interfaces aka TM9-Video) 

  • 16 digital inputs (8 x AES3 In, D-Sub)
  • 16 digital outputs (8 x AES3 Out, D-Sub)
  • Expandable with HW20930 3G-SDI option

HW20914 (20900 TM9 meter with HW20914 Interface aka TM9-BNC)

  • 16 digital inputs (8 x AES3id In, BNC)
  • 16 digital outputs (8 x AES3id Out, BNC)
  • Expandable with HW20930 3G-SDI option


  • 16 analogue inputs balanced (D-Sub)
  • Expandable with HW20930 3G-SDI option

HW20717 (20900 TM9 meter with HW20917 Interface aka TM9-Dante)

  • 32 channels Dante™ AoIP (RJ-45)

HW20918 (20900 TM9 meter with HW20918 Interface aka TM7-RAV)

  • 32 channels Ravenna/AES67 AoIP (RJ-45)

 Additional I/O Option


3G-SDI interface for up to 32 input channels (additional input option for audio interfaces HW20911 to HW20915)



  • Easy and fast touch screen control with comfortable onscreen help
  • Highly flexible screen layout options with scalable instrument
  • Powerful DSP platform for parallel display of multiple instruments
  • 16 channel audio interfacing including analogue, AES3, AES3id (depending on selected hardware version)
  • Optional 3G-SDI interface for audio signals of 3G/HD/SD SDI data streams
  • Model with Dante™ or Ravenna/AES67 AoIP connectivity for up to 32 channels
  • Fully scalable, modular software approach for flexible configuration and easy on-site upgrades
  • Ethernet/LAN, USB, VGA and GPIO ports
  • 9″ touch screen 16 : 9 TFT
  • Table-top unit, approx. 245 x 165.5 (185.5) x 46.5 (95) mm, W x H x D (with table-stand), incl. mains adapter
  • OEM and flush mount versions available (please contact our sales department)
  • Standard Software (4-ch. PPM, TruePeak meter, spot correlator, global keyboard, gain reduction)
  • Other software modules available as options


Optional Software Modules:  

SW20001: Multichannel Mode

This module expands the signal routing to the simultaneous display of more than 4 channels or channel groups and additionally processes 3.1 Surround, 5.0 Surround, 5.1 Surround, 7.1 Surround (Cinema and DD+), and Multichannel (2 to 8 channels in one block, up to 4 blocks with 3G SDI option) formats.

SW20002: Loudness and SPL Display

This module expands the basic 4-channel PPM with Loudness measuring functions as described in current guidelines (EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-4/1771-1, ATSC A/85, ARIB, OP-59, AGCOM, CALM, LEQ(M), TASA, SAWA), and the LRA instrument for the graphical display of the Loudness Range. A customer-specific mode allows the user to modify parameters. In addition, the module provides the SPL display mode with various weighting filters and integration times as well as reference level adjust to calculate an SPL value from an electrical signal.

For signals with more than four channels software module SW20001 is required.

SW20003: RTA – Real Time Analyzer

This module provides in 1/3-octave, 1/6-octave, or 1/12-octave mode a spectral distribution display for single channels, channel pairs or groups plus HP HF band.

For signals with more than four channels software module SW20001 is required.

SW20004: SSA – Surround Sound Analyzer

— Precondition: Software module SW20002 is already installed! —

This module is a powerful tool for visualizing the interaction of all-important parameters of surround signals. The dynamic behaviour of all display elements (House display) corresponds to the subjective listening impression, enabling you to see the balance of a surround programme intuitively and at a glance.

For signals with more than four channels software module SW20001 is required.

SW20005: Radar Display

— Precondition: Software module SW20002 is already installed! —

This module provides a high-resolution circular Loudness display for Momentary values and history, enhanced with numerical display of measuring time and two descriptors. The Radar Display equals the Loudness Radar Meter of TC Electronic®.

For signals with more than four channels software module SW20001 is required.

SW20006: RTW Premium PPM

This module expands the Basic Stereo PPM (standard software) with additional scales (Zoom, SMPTE, NHK, ARD+9, et al.), additional display modes (segment, classic), and PPM/VU moving coil instruments with different scales and functions. It also provides up to four 2-channel Audio Vectorscopes and a separate phase meter.

With software module SW20001 installed, the Multichannel PPM is also extended with these functions and enhanced with the Multi-Correlator (up to 10 phase meters). The Gain Reduction is added with Multi-Channel mode.

SW20008: Timecode Reader

— Precondition: Software module SW20002 is already installed! —

This module provides the Timecode function as a separate mode generating an individual audio group providing the Timecode Reader instrument. It is used to decode and to display an SDI-embedded or LTC timecode using the 3G-SDI interface (if installed) or one of the selectable audio inputs. The module also includes the Loud. Recal. instrument for the control of a loudness measurement by a timecode either with recalculation or without.

SW20013: BLITS

— Precondition: Software module SW20001 is already installed! —

This module is a tool to allow generating digital line test signals according to EBU 3304, GLITS, and BLITS definitions as well as automatic and significant analysing of channel allocation, level, phase and delay, and polarity of received BLITS 5.1 test signals.

SW20014: Logging Data Server

— Precondition: Software module SW20002 is already installed! —

This module allows to collect data of Loudness and TruePeak measurements and either to store them on a USB flash drive or to send them via IP connection to the LQL – Loudness Quality Logger PC software for analyzing (available free of charge at PC Software/LQL – Loudness Quality Logger section to TM7 users). At Audio Monitors/TouchMonitor TM7 – Manuals section of the download area (Manuals & Software) you may find a tutorial.

The module also includes the Loudness Chart instrument for displaying and analysing the course of a loudness measurement directly on TM7’s display.

SW20015: ISA – Immersive Sound Analyzer

— Precondition: Software modules SW20001, SW20002 and SW20004 are already installed! —

This module combines the functionality of two Surround Sound Analysers and visualizes the interaction of all relevant technical and subjective parameters of immersive surround signals in an intuitive way. Not only levels (loudness or sound pressure) and correlation of the channels in the layers of the format, but also the relationship between the layers like position and height of the signal and the subjective perceived spatial focal point are displayed. Additionally, the overall Loudness across the layers can be measured.