MADI Option Slot Module for Micstasy and ADI-8 QS.


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The MADI i64 module provides total integration of Micstasy and ADI-8 QS into any MADI environment. As a single MADI cable can transfer up to 64 channels of audio, up to 8 Micstasy and ADI-8 QS devices can be easily daisy-chained with one MADI cable per unit. They can be configured to use their individual channels within the MADI stream. In addition, the Auto Channel Assignment setup feature simplifies the channel configuration.

Also the ADI-642, ADI-6432 and ADI-648 can be added for a complete I/O rack of your choice, facilitating virtually any audio connection and integration of analogue and/or digital sources. The Automatic Delay Compensation feature eliminates inherent delays, when signals are transferred from one unit to another. Each device automatically recognizes its position within the chain, so that all devices operate sample-aligned.