MOGAMI Miniature quad console cable (2799)

Console cable with NEGLEX Oxygen-Free-Copper


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The copper conductors of 2799 console cable are made of Mogami NEGLEX Oxygen-Free-Copper, hence we can recommend any of these with confidence for the highest quality wiring of mixing consoles, rack panels, and studio equipment. The 2799 features XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene), which has excellent electrical characteristics and prevents shrink-back during soldering. A served (spiral) shield provides easier cable termination and better sound quality than braided shield. This model has a quad configuration that reduces electromagnetic noise, and four different colours of insulation makes it possible to use as a four conductor overall shield cable. The conductor size is the same as Mogami 2944 and its overall diameter 3.2mm. Available in grey only.

• Mogami NEGLEX Oxygen-Free-Copper conductors

• XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene

• Served (spiral) shield

• Four different insulation colours

• Overall diameter 3.2mm


Datasheet (147.21 KB)