Bolin D412

4K Dante AV Ultra PTZ camera


£3,100.00 Price excludes VAT

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The D412 is the world’s first 4K 60fps pan, tilt, zoom camera with Dante AV Ultra connectivity. interfacing video and audio in a standard 1 Gbps network, and providing uncompromised video quality with lowest latency and synchronization. Designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing Dante audio ecosystem, the D412 PTZ is managed using the Dante Controller Software with flexibility to independently route audio and video with sub-microsecond accuracy to minimize time alignment issues.

High Quality Imaging – 4K60

The Bolin D412 equipped with Sony senor to provide brilliant, high-quality images in 4K60 resolution with 12x optical zoom.

Seamlessly integrate with Dante Ecosystem

Dante AV Ultra cameras integrate seamlessly into the Dante audio over IP ecosystem using a standard 1 Gbps network. Video integration into Dante ecosystem just got simpler.

Multi-screen video display routing

Individually route video using familiar Dante Controller software, with no need for breakouts or matrix switches to display the camera video on any number of Dante AV Ultra-enabled

Lossless image with extremely low codec latency

Bolin’s D Series PTZ camera incorporates a ProAV optimized implementation of the popular JPEG2000 codec in FPGA, which delivers visually perfect lossless image at 4K60 with < 10ms codec latency.

100% Synchronized video and audio

The Bolin D412 PTZ camera supports sub-microsecond video and audio synchronization by designating a single network clock that always keeps the camera video in sync with audio regardless of the number of endpoints in the ecosystem, fixing lip-sync problems.

Video Resolution

Up to 4K60 3860x2160p, 60/59.94 image resolutions