HDMI Caputre for Multi-Channel HD or Single Channel UltraHD


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KONA HDMI is an 8-lane PCIe 2.0 multi-channel HDMI capture card, with all of the quality and flexibility you have come to expect from AJA.
Designed for the demands of multiple workflows such as gaming, streaming, VJ-ing, live events switching, vlogging, VR, post and broadcast, this powerful card boasts support for single-channel capture up to 4K/UltraHD 60p or four-channel capture up to 2K/HD 60p.
KONA HDMI is also supported by both the AJA SDK as well as Video for Linux®, making it a perfect choice for developers of multichannel HDMI ingest, switching, monitoring and communication solutions.

• 4x full-size HDMI inputs
• 4-Channels of 2K/HD HDMI Capture
• 2-Channels of 4K/UltraHD up to 60p over HDMI 2.0
• Embedded HDMI audio up to eight channels per input
• Streaming/Switching compatibility with Telestream® Wirecast®, vMix® and more
• AJA Control Room™ capture support for NLE, Color Correction or VFX
• Three-year warranty
• Developer friendly: Use V4L2 or AJA’s own powerful SDK

Apple Mac Pro Compatible
AJA offers full compatibility for the new Apple Mac Pro, including support for AJA Control Room with Metal compatibility as well as extensive support for a range of applications. For productions handling dual 4K and multi-channel HD HDMI workflows, KONA HDMI is a perfect companion with the new desktop offering 8-lane PCIe 2.0 multi-channel HDMI capture.

Multi-Channel HD Capture and Streaming
KONA HDMI is perfect for live streaming and switching with up to 4-channels of 1080p HDMI video capture, all on one card.
The power of KONA HDMI can be utilized for live streaming and events production via Telestream Wirecast, vMix and other third party software.
Connect up to 4x HDMI outputs from a mix of cameras, game stations, presentation systems and more and switch between seamlessly.
KONA HDMI is also supported by both the AJA SDK as well as Video for Linux (V4L2), making it a perfect choice for developers of multichannel HDMI ingest, switching, monitoring and communication solutions.

4K/UltraHD Capture up to 60p
KONA HDMI offers unique and powerful dual-channel 4K/UltraHD capture all the way up to 60p over HDMI 2.0.
For single-channel capture, free AJA Control Room software provides the perfect way to capture and create digital media for use in your editing or effects package of choice.
For Mac users, simply place KONA HDMI in a Thunderbolt™ chassis for use with iMac® and MacBook Pro®.

HDR or High Dynamic Range provides the ability to display a wider and richer range of colours, much brighter whites, and much deeper, darker blacks than standard signals allow. This gives your imagery a more ‘dynamic’ look and allows for natural true to life colours to be communicated to your audience.
KONA HDMI provides support for accepting HDR signals captured over HDMI from gaming stations like the PS4® Pro.

AR support with Unreal Engine 4.22
Capture real-time footage with KONA HDMI over HDMI from high-quality cameras, meld your footage with your virtual environment created by the Unreal Engine and send it back out in real-time to air – a growing need for broadcasters, augmented reality (AR) needs and more.
Digital filmmakers also benefit with these new workflows: On set, enhance your live-action VFX work with the ability to see a full composite live during the course of the shoot. This results in fewer reshoots, the ability for actors to understand the virtual environment they are working within for stronger performances and ultimately leads to a range of efficiencies and cost savings with the added benefit of a smoother transition into post-production.

Extensive Software Support
AJA hardware is supported by an extensive list of professional software for editing, visual effects, graphics, streaming and more allowing the same AJA device to be used by many different applications on the same system. In addition, AJA provides several free applications that enable you to utilize the power of your AJA hardware even without having to run a particular software package. This allows you to create unique workflows without tying up valuable resources unnecessarily.
KONA HDMI is compatible with macOS®, Windows® and Linux.

Industry-Leading Support
AJA’s technical support is recognized as among the best in the industry and is available to all AJA customers. If you need assistance with any aspect of your KONA installation, configuration, operation or encounter any technical issue, AJA Support will work with you to get up and running.
KONA products are covered by a generous three-year warranty. Please see the individual Product’s Manual for additional specifics around warranty conditions for the product itself.