YELLOWTEC m!ka Mic Arm "On Air" Black - YT3605

On Air Microphone Arm M black


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m!ka. The world’s most beautiful mounting system.

Designed for seamless integration, the m!ka Mic and Monitor Mounting System provides you with an elegant and powerful combination of components. Design your individual studio setup in the most flexible way. Enjoy exciting possibilities. Appreciate incomparable efficiency. Savour remarkable personality.

The M-size Monitor Arm is the perfect allrounder in terms of microphone arrangements. It fits to nearly every setup without extraordinary requirements in range. The arm is the best choice to shape working desks or interviewing areas where the distance between arm and speaker is not higher than 31” (78.7cm).

Equipped with a bright dual colour LED On Air indicator, the black coloured On Air Microphone Arm M is not only adjustable to your microphone’s weight and puts your mic into the perfect position. It also allows users to signalize multiple statuses.

The dual colour on air indicator is characterized as a smaller version of Yellowtec’s litt Signalling Device which is integrated into the corner hinge of the arm. Thus, it provides m!ka On Air Mic Arms with litt’s incomparable and Red Dot Award-winning CleanVision® lighting characteristics. Using the indicator’s respective colours red and white, you can signalize statuses such as On Air or Mic Ready. Just reverse the polarity of the drive voltage and toggle between red and white.

• Sturdy aluminium tube construction
• Durable, silk-mat anodized finish
• Available in four sizes and two colours (aluminium / black)
• Choose between the standard and On Air version with dual colour indicator
• Interior coil spring system
• Supports microphones weighing up to 2kg
• Adjustable friction joints
• Wiring concealed by tubes and joints
• Open-ended cable tails
• Various mounting possibilities
• Fully compatible with m!ka System
• Renowned German craftsmanship and superior quality

Max length: 31“ (78.7cm)
Weight: 2.31 lbs net (1.05kg) / 3.31 lbs gr (1.5kg)
Max mic weight: 4.41 lbs (2kg)

m!ka Arm Support offers a choice of multiple ways to mount your m!ka Microphone Arms, m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms and m!ka Studiolights. All of them are equipped with a bolt at their bottoms which can be used for our various plug-in mounts. Choose between different options to mount m!ka Arms to your desk, wall, m!ka Pole or m!ka System Wall. See images for some of the many mounting options. Full details of the range are in the documents below.

This video shows the different sizes, types and colours of the m!ka mic arm.

More videos are available on Yellowtec’s YouTube channel