YELLOWTEC m!ka PopShield - YT3281

PopShield for m!ka mic arms


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m!ka PopShield eliminates pop artefacts from your voice micing. Pops occur mainly when spoken words start with „plosive consonants“ like P, T, B or D. In particular, microphones with light diaphragms are very sensible to pops. The diaphragms’ enhancement of pops does not only sound bad. It also tend to drive preamps into distortion. Avoid such problems by simply using m!ka PopShield and make your voice sound crystal clear.

Different from others, m!ka PopShield mounts exactly where it makes the most sense: it attaches to the 5/8“ thread of your m!ka Mic Arm. This way the m!ka PopShield follows all adjustments of your microphone. Move your mic arm or turn and tilt your microphone, m!ka PopShield remains in the correct position.


  • Twist-proof direct mounting to all m!ka Mic Arms
  • Elegant assembly without any disturbing bracket or clamp
  • Follows all adjustments of your rotation and tilt settings
  • Universally usable for all other mic booms
  • Attach it to any m!ka Mic Arm or any other mic boom with 5/8″ thread
  • Fitting length gooseneck to secure the perfect position
  • Gooseneck: Length: 330mm | ø: 8mm
  • Premium double layer filter mash with stable frames
  • Screen ø: 130mm
  • Dimensions (packaging): 30 x 22 x 0.7cm | Weight: 0.18kg
  • Sturdy construction
  • Colour: black
  • Compatible with all m!ka Mic Arms