YELLOWTEC m!ka Pivot Monitor Adapter - YT3278

Rotate your monitor up to 90°


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The m!ka Pivot Monitor Adapter is made for mounting your monitor with up to 15kg to one of the m!ka Monitor Arms. Thanks to the adapter, you can rotate your monitor up to 90°. The turn is possible both ways – clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Simply use the attached screws to fix the m!ka Pivot Monitor Adapter to your monitor and to the QuickFix-Adapter of your m!ka Monitor Arm. Via QuickFix, you can easily attach the monitor to your m!ka Monitor Arm. Alternatively, you can also use the m!ka Pivot Monitor Adapter without QuickFix. Therefore, please fix one side of the m!ka Pivot Monitor Adapter to your monitor and affix the other side directly to your m!ka Monitor Arm’s VESA-mount with the help of the attached screws.

  • Optional mounting adapter for m!ka Monitor Arms
  • To mount monitors with up to 15kg to m!ka Monitor Arms
  • Allows for monitor turn up to 90°
  • Allows to turn monitor clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • Compatible with m!ka QuickFix Adapter which comes with every m!ka Monitor Arm
  • Alternatively use it without QuickFix by mounting it directly to a m!ka Monitor Arm’s VESA100-Adapter
  • Compatible with all m!ka Monitor Arms
  • Compatible with all m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms