YELLOWTEC Microphone Arm XL - YT3701 - Black

Microphone Arm XL black


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The Mika “On Air” mic arm is a sturdy aluminium microphone stand with silk-mat anodised finish and bright LED signalling (some models may vary). Available in XL, M and XS sizes, its interior coil spring system supports microphones up to 2 kg (4.5 lbs) with adjustable friction joints. Wiring is hidden through tubes and joints with open ended cable tails and various mounting strategies available. XLR connectors are not supplied.


  • Sturdy aluminium tube construction
  • Durable, silk-mat anodised finish
  • Available in four sizes and two colours (aluminium / black)
  • Choose between the standard and On Air version with dual colour indicator
  • Interior coil spring system
  • Supports microphones weighing up to 2kg
  • Adjustable friction joints
  • Wiring concealed by tubes and joints
  • Open-ended cable tails
  • Various mounting possibilities
  • Fully compatible with m!ka MMS System
  • Renowned German craftsmanship and superior quality
  • Max length: 42.3″ (107.5cm)
  • Weight: 3.20 lbs net (1.45kg) / 4.63 lbs gr (2.1kg) Max mic weight: 4.41 lbs (2kg)

This video shows the different sizes, types and colours of the m!ka mic arm.

More videos are available on Yellowtec’s YouTube channel