YELLOWTEC iXm Pro Line Cardiod Capsule

Dynamic capsule made by Yellowtec


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As dynamic microphone capsules, the iXm PRO Line Mic Heads are characterised by their sound converter components’ ruggedness, especially at high sound pressure levels. Thus, their recording patterns are less sensitive in higher frequency ranges compared to electret microphone heads. The dynamic head’s sluggish membrane leads to different sounding recording results. Due to their dynamic mic, they are less sensible for wind noise or structure born noise and offer an optimised frequency response for excellent speech capture.

  • Designed as an all-rounder for most recording environments
  • Dynamic capsule made by Yellowtec
  • Manages complex acoustic environments
  • Optimized frequency response curve for excellent speech capture/ intelligibility
  • Warm sound
  • Slight bass boost in near-field
  • Sensitivity: 1,8 mV/Pa +/- 4dB
  • Impedance: 300 Ohm +/-30%
  • Dimensions: 71mm x Ø 50mm
  • Weight: 141g
  • Product Code: YT5051