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The DM7-EX is the largest mixing in the DM7 range with 120 inputs, 48 mix buses and 30 faders. The EX suffix indicates the inclusion of the DM7 Control section which includes a number of additional physical controls such as user defined keys, panner and jog wheel. The EX model also includes the “Broadcast Package” and “Theatre Package” which add a host of additional functionality over the standard DM7 console including mix minus, back stop PFL, loudness meter and 5.1 surround mixing and “Actor Library”.

Local connections include 32 analogue mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs. 4-ch AES/EBU I/O, 144-ch Dante I/O and 18-ch I/O USB interface. There is also a 64-ch “PY Slot” for expansion with options including 64-ch MADI, 8-ch AES and MIDI/GPI which adds 5 additions GPIO connections along with MIDI.

The large touch screens give quick access and clear visual feedback of the mixers comprehensive features including overview of routing and processing for each channel and in depth graphical view and touch control for channel processing, effect racks, automixer and more.

More than 30 years since the release of Yamaha’s first digital mixer, the DMP7, the landscape of professional audio has seen a steady progression in technological advancements and innovations that have impacted mixing and recording styles significantly.

DM7 series mixing consoles represent a sizable step forward in this evolution of form, functionality, and flexibility with their intuitive UI, compact design, and comprehensive suite of powerful features that allow them to outperform other mixers in their class in an impressive range of audio environments. From broadcasting, streaming, and music production, to live hybrid events and concert performances, the advanced capabilities of the DM7 series set a new standard in operability and workflow while simultaneously staying true to Yamaha’s sonic tradition of “natural sound”. As the times continue to change, your DM7 will keep you ahead of the curve with a user experience that’s a cut above anything in its class, and sonic performance well beyond the expectations of audiences and engineers alike.


  • Sound
    • Powerful Channel Strip
    • Extensive plug-ins and new effects
  • Operability
    • Advanced GUI for intuitive control
    • Configure the ideal DM7 system to suit your workflow
    • Utility screen for streamlined performance
    • Advanced Selected Channel View and visible Overview
  • Design
    • Functional and attractive layout
    • Consistent user experience
    • Compact and lightweight construction for easy setup and transport
  • Functionality
    • Split Mode turns one console into two mixers
    • “Assist” lets you focus your creativity
    • Dante interface for high channel count and flexible connectivity
    • Versatile USB connection
    • DAW Remote for efficient audio production
    • Redundant power supplies for serious reliability
  • Expandability
    • DM7 Control expansion controller (included as standard with EX models)
    • Broadcast Package and Theatre Package for enhanced, specialized control (included as standard with EX models)
    • PY slot for expansion cards
    • Compatible software for convenient control (DM7 Editor, DM7 StageMix, MonitorMix, ProVisionaire Contol, and ProVisionaire Touch plus OSC (Open Sound Control))
    • Console File Converter for sharing data with other Yamaha consoles
    • Bundled software that expands your creative options (VST Rack Elements and Nuendo Live)

Broadcast OB Van example application

Improved workflow with a full lineup of broadcast functions that belie the compact size of the DM7-EX.

The wide range of controls and Broadcast Package of the provide audio mixing systems with a variety of functions, including 5.1 Surround mixing, monitor control, and an Audio Follow Video function that ties audio to video by following tally signals via GPI. Enjoy flexible connectivity through conversion to different formats enabled by a Dante backbone network.

Yamaha DM7-EX Broadcast OB Van Example Set-Up Diagram