WAVES Transform Bundle

Envelope processing.


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The Waves Transform plug-in collection features five plug-ins to stretch and manipulate time, pitch, dimension and punch. Native and Soundgrid versions are available.

• Double-tracking / chorus plugin
• Add shimmer and presence
• Create the ’80s harmoniser and pitch detune effects
• Double vocal parts automatically Add flam-like effects to drums
• Takes the vocoder to a whole new level
• 8-Voice stereo synthesiser
• Formant control
• Modulator with Linear Phase EQ
• MIDI control
Renaissance Axx
• Easy-to-use compressor plugin
• Ideal for guitar and bass
• Streamlined 3 parameter contro
• Parametric, Graphic, and Real-time components
• Punchy, smooth, transient, and sync modes
• Multiple link, display, and control options
• Time, tempo, bars, samples, SMPTE, feet & frames, pitch, interval, and frequency controls
Trans X
• Ideal for drum tracks and loops
• Adds punch, softens edges, highlights sustain
• Multi (4-Band) and Wide (Wide Band) components
• Multi features individual range and sensitivity for each band