VICBOOTH Ultra 2x2

Soundproof Booth


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VicBooth Ultra is a Professional Production sound insulation cabin for the most varied applications, at an unbeatable price, reaching noise reduction levels of 30 decibels with only 1.1” thickness walls.  From privacy concerns to general noise pollution good recording environments can hard to find or costly. If you are looking for a space to rehearse, record or mix music or vocals with sound insulation and acoustic quality, VicBooth Ultra will help you manage to have it all, in a room that grows and decreases according to your needs. This new booth was developed by Vicoustic, a leading company in the acoustic solutions industry, with years of experience developing acoustic products for the most demanding audio professionals.

VicBooth Ultra
Modular. Versatile. Perfect.

Acoustic kits

VicBooth Ultra standard version comes with sound absorbing walls, floor and ceiling. For more demanding applications Vicoustic’s technicians developed acoustic kits to maximise its acoustic conditions. Internal sides with fixation accessories for VicFix System are able to accommodate compatible Vicoustic acoustic treatment panels, ensuring that its internal acoustics can be fine-tuned according to your needs.

Cable passage
Vicoustic developed a system that allows the passage of cables with the booth assembled, facilitating the use of the booth in different situations.

Airflow Labyrinth
An airflow labyrinth was designed to ensure air circulation within the booth in a passive way.

Mechanical Ventilation
If one needs, VicBooth Ultra can include a mechanical ventilation system attached to the ceiling, ensuring total air renovation of a single unit in less than 2 minutes. The system is designed to ensure a very low noise within the booth (NR21).


VicBooth Ultra was specially developed for the music sector, where performers often need to find an isolated space to be able to produce their work. It is perfect for music professionals who need great acoustic results, sound insulation and versatility.

Environmentally Friendly

For each VicBooth Ultra 1 × 1 module we use VicPET Wool equivalent to 1044 Recycled Plastic Bottles.

Modular & Configurable

The VicBooth Ultra is highly modular and configurable with the ability to choose multiple different options for your personalised booth. To explore these options and receive a quote visit the VicBooth Ultra configurator.

Configure Your Booth



2076 × 2030 × 2230 mm  / 81,73’’ × 79,92’’ × 87,80’’ (Ext.)

1968 × 1968 × 2008  mm / 77,48’’ × 77,48’’ × 79,05’’ (Int.)


Exterior finishes
Natural Oak