Live-Link Remote Camera Interface System

Live-Link System

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Designed to handle news, sports, and other day-to-day remote interfacing needs with ease, the Live-Link™ Remote Camera Interface System offers a comprehensive fibre-optic-connected solution for transporting digital video, audio, intercom, and data between a remote camera location and a truck or control room. The point-to-point system consists of a portable Camera End Unit and either a portable or rack-ready Control Room Unit. Both use industry-standard connectors that are clearly labeled for fast, intuitive setup.

Live-Link provides two digital video paths in each direction that support the 3G/HD/SD-SDI SMPTE®-standards. In addition, the system provides connectivity for mic/line level signals, talent cueing, 2-channel party-line intercom, GPI/GPO, RS-232/RS-422 asynchronous data, and Gigabit Ethernet. A full complement of status LEDs simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting. Live-Link systems are suitable for remote production or permanent installation and can be powered by a DC supply or battery.

Live-Link is a reliable and convenient way of linking a production camera crew to an ENG or OB van, SNG vehicle, or production trailer. The system’s portability and ease-of-deployment make it an ideal infrastructure solution for studio complexes, arenas, and campus environments. Live-Link units interconnect using two strands of single-mode fibre-optic cable and provide a transmission distance of at least 10 km (per SMPTE 297). Featuring the rugged opticalCON® DUO fibre-optic connectors from Neutrik®, units can also be ordered with ST optical connectors.

Live-Link Camera End Unit
The Live-Link Camera End Unit goes where the action is. Weighing less than 11 pounds (5 kg) the unit is truly portable. And with its rugged aluminum housing it’s built to withstand the rigors of field use. The intuitive I/O panel uses industry-standard connectors: BNC for digital video, 3-pin XLR for audio and intercom, RJ45 for Ethernet, and 9-pin D-Sub for asynchronous data. Status indicators and multi-segment audio level meters make setup and use a simple process. The 2-channel party-line intercom interface provides DC power for direct connection of intercom beltpacks. The 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface features an auto MDI/MDI-X input eliminating the need for crossover cables. An Anton/Bauer battery mount allows for battery-powered operation. A maximum power draw of 30 watts allows battery operating time of four hours or greater. As an alternate to battery operation a source of 10 to 18 Vdc can be connected.

Live-Link Control Room Unit
Typically residing in an ENG truck or at a control room location, Live-Link’s Control Room Unit serves as the I/O panel for signals going to and from the Camera End Unit. Two single-mode optical fibres carry WDM-multiplexed signals between the units. All video, audio, and data inputs and outputs use standard connectors. Multiple LEDs provide video, audio, and system status information. The Control Room Unit is available in a portable or rack-ready version. The portable version can be powered by a 10 to 18 Vdc source or via battery using the Anton/Bauer mount. Consuming a maximum of 20 watts, battery operation in excess of six hours is easily achieved. The rack-ready version is optimized for use in permanent (fixed or mobile) installations. Using the optional Live-Link Rack Mounting Enclosure, one or two units can be mounted in three spaces (3U) of a standard equipment rack.

Selected Live-Link Control Room versions provide 2-wire party-line support instead of 4-wire. Alternately, applications that require a 2-wire party-line circuit to be interfaced with the Control Room Unit’s 4-wire interface can use the Studio Technologies’ Model 45A Interface.

Key Features
Transports digital video, audio, and data over two single-mode optical fibres
Supports standard 3G/HD/SD-SDI digital video formats
Four mic/line inputs with selectable gain and +48 V phantom power
Two line-level audio paths for IFB or general-purpose use
Party-line intercom interface with 28 V beltpack power
2-wire-to-4-wire auto nulling hybrids for excellent intercom audio
10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet
RS-232 and RS-422 for camera control
Available with Neutrik opticalCON DUO for fast, reliable fibre connectivity
Anton/Bauer® battery mount standard on both units
Low power consumption allows extended battery operating time
Industry-standard connectors for all inputs and outputs
Available in portable or rack-ready versions

A number of different configurations are available to suit your requirements

Live-Link™ “04X” Series
Supports Four Paths of 3G Digital Video, Four Mic/Line Inputs, Line/IFB Outputs, and 2-Channel Intercom
Live-Link™ “05X” Series
Supports Five Paths of 3G Digital Video, Four Mic/Line Inputs, Line/IFB Outputs, and Party-Line Intercom
Live-Link™ “06X” Series
Supports Four Paths of 3G Digital Video, One Path of Analog Video, Four Mic/Line Inputs, Line/IFB Outputs, and Party-Line Intercom
Live-Link™ “07X” Series
Supports Six Paths of 3G Digital Video, Four Mic/Line Inputs, Line/IFB Outputs, and Party-Line Intercom

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