SPL Volume2

Stereo Volume Controller


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The Volume 2 is a fully analog active stereo volume controller and a puristic high-end preamplifier.
It focusses on analog monitor leveling an sports a Mute switch that in case of a computer crash protects your speakers, headphones and ears.
As a cost-effective alternative to our full-featured stereo monitoring controllers MTC and 2Control the Volume 2 focusses on the high quality in active volume control. Users who do not need additional monitoring functionality provided by the MTC or 2Control will find the Volume 2 an cost-effective solution without compromises.
The advantages of the Volume 2 become especially apparent in combination with DAW based audio and video production systems. 
When changing the volume in the DAW the converters will be operating at a lower bit rate. 6dB reduction of the monitoring level is equivalent to 1 Bit less resolution. We are monitoring on an average of -24dB to -36dB below 0dBfs which means that the bit resolution is diminished by 4-6 Bits. 
With the Volume 2 this does not affect you. it uses a high quality stereo potentiometer from Alps to control in the analog domain.
The Volume 2 circuitry is an active design rather than a passive one. For a very good reason. When changing the volume in a passive design the impedance change affects the phase and frequency response negatively. An active design is therefore much more accurate and the far better solution.
Imagine you are working on a project and/or listening to music and your DAW/computer crashes. In many cases a full scale (0dBfs) distorted signal comes out of your speakers. What do you do? You can do a hard shut down of your computer but takes some seconds in which you are exposed to an extreme noise level that can not only damage the speakers but also your hearing. 
And this is where the Mute switch kicks in. You simply push that button and ? silence.
  • High end volume potentiometer and illuminated mute switch from ALPS; the potentiometer controls signals directly (without VCA or DAC circuitry)
  • In contrast to digital volume controls which reduce the bit resolution at lower listening levels there is no degradation in sound with an analog volume control
  • In contrast to passive volume controls which alter the phase and frequency response there is no alteration in sound with an active volume control
  • High quality balancing stages with extremely good common mode rejection minimise interferences and disturbances in the signal paths
  • Balanced XLR in- and outputs
  • High quality balancing stages with extremely good common mode rejection minimise interferences and disturbances in the signal paths
  • Massive, 45 mm diameter aluminium knobs ensure consistent, refined handling
  • The elegant, compact housing allows for flexible desktop positioning near or under a computer monitor.
  • A high quality power supply with toroidal transformer


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