SPL Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T

Tube stereo dynamics processor.


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The Stereo Vitalizer Mk II T is a tube version of SPL’s Stereo Vitalizer Mk II dedicated stereo dynamics processor, designed to sharpen and enrich the sound of a final production, either live or in the mastering studio. The MK2-T employs 12 AX 7 LPS-tubes for the mid-hi processing and in the Stereo Expander circuitry, where the summed signal is processed.Coil filtering stages complement ideally the vintage tube sound characteristics.

• Tube design

• Balanced stereo jack and XLR I/Os

• Mono jacks may be used for unbalanced operation

• Relay switched hard bypass

• 1U rack-mountable

• Solid State only version also available