Stream Low-Latency HD video and audio in perfect sync.


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Streaming, supercharged.

Stream smooth, consistent-frame-rate video, free of playback errors or delays over the internet in real time


Key Features

Low Latency
Highly optimized global server system, ensuring best possible live experience.

Multi-point Video Conferencing
Highly optimized global server system, ensuring best possible live experience.

Impeccable Sound & Picture Sync
Highly optimized global server system, ensuring best possible live experience.

60FPS UHD Video with HQ Stereo Audio
Custom streams combining any resolution & frame rate

Designed for sharing production material between remote talent, collaborators, clients etc.

Flexible pricing options to suit production budgets of any size.

Instant HD, no delays

With Source-Live, you can ingest, synchronize, and transmit smooth, consistent-frame-rate content without playback errors or delays. Use any local audio and video sources and stream up to UHD resolutions with high-quality audio to remote guests with extremely low latency. All of this is backed by a highly optimised global server system, ensuring that everyone has the best possible viewing experience.

The simplicity of browser-based collaboration​

Our video-chat gateway meeting room feels as familiar as any popular web meeting room- but it’s a lot more robust, with optimized features for media pros. You can even stream your recordings to give offline guests access to sessions and lessons. Built in Video Chat up to 20 constituents.

Build consensus with live multi-point sessions.​

Remote viewing by your clients is as simple as opening a link in a browser. Pin a camera or broadcast stream to a floating window for continuous visual access. Use push to talk or echo cancellation.

Unveil more detail
Share high-resolution video and audio in real time. no masking, no harsh compression, no echo cancellation, no compromises.

An affordable alternative, without compromise​
Source-Live is the perfect system for real-time remotely supervised video editorial, VO recording, ADR and audio mix sessions. Avoid the complexities and limitations of multiple systems that weren’t built for your specific workflow.

Share content safely with secure encryption​
Send secure streams with confidence, using our dedicated passkey-protected gateways and watermark-able video. Share sensitive material with remote talent & clients-there’s no risk of placing your media assets on remote computers.