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Sounds In Sync has been instrumental in providing sound editors and designers from around the world access to professional, time-saving sound editing applications since they launched their first product, EdiTrace, in 2003. We now produce a range of products under the Edi banner, including EdiCue, EdiPrompt, EdiLoad, EdiChart and EdiMarker.

As an Avid third-party developer, Sounds In Sync is committed to creating intuitive, user-friendly tools that directly assist sound designers and editors to fulfill ever-increasing production demands. Our software and workflow solutions are purpose- designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of sound designers and editors worldwide – whether freelancers or based at major film post production facilities. We have also been working with Merging Technologies since 2004 to provide a re-conform solution within Pyramix.

Sounds In Sync’s lead developer, award-winning sound editor Mark Franken, has consistently worked at the forefront of sound post production on a wide variety of projects from around the world. His hands-on experience in today’s exciting sound industry allows him to see where his colleagues need help – and provides him with the knowledge and impetus to create and develop the software to help them.


If you would like to purchase a Sound In Sync  product or have any questions please contact sales.

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