Portable surround microphone system.


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The ST450 is the ultimate package for ambisonic location recording. It features B-format™ outputs, as well as fully steerable stereo output for direct recording and headphone monitoring. The polar pattern and width of the stereo output can be completely controlled from the processor, and it supports having the microphone rigged ‘end-fire’ and ‘inverted’, as well as in conventional manner for ultimate flexibility. The B-formatTM outputs can also be recorded, and then subsequently processed in a DAW using the supplied SurroundZone plug-in, allowing the user to generate any kind of surround format from the original source recording.

In line with SoundField tradition, the design of the ST450 MKII has benefited from a great deal of practical feedback gleaned from users of previous models. The updated ST450 MKII has a completely new microphone pre-amplifier design which offers finer 3dB gains steps and an increased overall gain of 42dB as well as a peak-hold feature for the bargraph.

The electronics in the ST450 MKII have been completely redesigned, taking advantage of new, improved components, resulting in a superior noise performance. Also incorporated is a new approach to converting the information captured by its four-capsule array resulting in more accurate stereo and surround imaging. All inputs/outputs are located on one side of the control unit for easy access and connectivity to portable recorders in the field. Best of all for location use, the ruggedly designed ST450 mic weighs just 290 grammes, and may be used at a distance of up to 200 metres from its associated control unit – the weight of the control box is 580 grammes.


ST450 MKII Owners Manual (927.94 KB)