Digital live mixer.


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The Vi4 is a compact version of Soundcraft’s Vi6 digital live sound mixer offering access to 48 inputs on 24 faders, with a total of 27 output busses available for use as masters, groups, auxes or matrices.

Like the Vi6, the Soundcraft Vi4 system consists of three elements: the control surface itself, the local rack containing the SCore Live processing engine and a stagebox which connects to the local rack via Cat5 or Cat7 cable, with fibre optic interfacing available as an option. The 24 fader control surface delivers simultaneous mixing of 48 mono inputs into 27 outputs. All input channels can have direct outputs in addition to their internal routing to 32 Group/Aux/Matrix busses, and the main LCR and LR busses. Each of four Vistonics II interfaces controls eight input channels, and comprises of a touch screen with 16 rotary encoders and 16 switches, providing access to channel functions including routing, input gain, digital gain trim, delay, high and low pass filters, 4-band fully parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, gate, de-esser and pan. A dedicated Vistonics II interface is provided for output processing control, and also functions as a complete meter overview display for all inputs and outputs.

Also available on the Soundcraft Vi4 is the new Processing Card option, which adds 8 powerful assignable Lexicon Effects sections, together with 30-band BSS Audio graphic equalisers available on every output.

• 48 mono inputs into 27 outputs

• Pairs of mono inputs can be linked to create stereo channels

• 24 insert send/return pairs

• All 48 input channels can have direct outputs

• 24 Grp/Aux/Matrix busses, plus main LCR Mix and LR Solo busses

• 16 analogue line inputs, 3 analogue mic/line inputs, 1 talkback mic input, 8 pairs of AES/EBU inputs (=16 channels), 64-ch optical MADI in

• 16 analogue line outputs, 8 pairs of AES/EBU outputs (= 16 channels), 3 LCR Local monitor A analogue line outputs, 2 LR Local Monitor B analogue line outputs, TB line output, 64-ch optical MADI out