24-channel mixer.


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Designed for installations and simple AV applications, the GB2-24 is a 24-channel mixer featuring Soundcraft’s GB30 mic pres and 4-band EQ.
Along with 6 aux busses and an integral 6 x 2 matrix, the 4 subgroups are provided as 2 stereo pairs, with a unique facility for adjusting the width of the stereo signal across the stereo mix. The channel pan settings are retained on the group outputs, while the degree of stereo separation to the mix bus is independently adjustable from full stereo through to mono.
The GB2-24 also features two stereo input channels, with separate mic and line inputs.

• 24 channels

• 12 busses

• 2 full feature stereo channels

• 2 stereo returns (on stereo channels)

• 6 Aux sends

• 4 sub groups (paired)

• 6×2 output matrix

• Direct outputs on every mono channel

• Talkback facility

• 100mm faders

• Switchable 48V phantom powering on every channel

• 100Hz high pass filter

• 12-segment LED metering

• Record output.