Wireless dual lapel microphone package

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Explore the UWP-D27 wireless bodypack microphone package

The UWP-D27 is a complete wireless audio package that’s ideal for on-camera interviews, live presentations and other applications where you need to capture crisp, clear sound with minimum fuss. The ECM-V1BMP omni-directional lavalier microphone connects to the light, compact UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter that’s worn by an interviewee. Audio is transmitted wirelessly to the URX-P41D 2-channel portable receiver, with quick and easy wireless pairing between transmitter and receiver. An optional Multi Interface Shoe Adaptor simplifies audio recording with compatible Sony cameras and handheld camcorders.

High Quality Sound

As with all Sony products, advanced digital audio processing technology is used to guarantee high quality audio, with improved transient response performance. With the addition of the new SMAD-P5 shoe adapter (sold separately) you can feed your digital sound recording directly into compatible camcorders*, bypassing A/D and D/A conversion stages, therefore optimising sound quality.

Fast, easy frequency setting with new NFC Syncing

With the addition of NFC Syncing, the UWP-D Gen4 offers quick, easy and reliable channel syncing between transmitter and receiver. Once set to sync mode, achieved via a single button on the receiver and transmitter, the simple motion of holding the two units together enables syncing. The units will then confirm the pairing with a quick vibrate. Due to the speed and simplicity of this syncing process, the new UWP-D Gen4 range is perfect for remote productions, where time is of the essence. The UTX-M40 is also backwards compatible with the URX-P03, URX-P03D, and URX-S03D receivers using IR sync functions.

Integration with compatible* Sony camcorders (requires SMAD-P5 Multi Interface shoe adaptor)

The SMAD-P5 mounting shoe allows you to monitor many of the URX-P40 parameters via the cameras viewfinder, including low battery alert, RF Quality meter and audio mute status. Using the SMAD-P5 alongside the URX-P40 also eliminates any need for cabling between the two. This also allows the receiver to power via the camera, the power sync feature providing efficient power management.

Please see SMAD-P5 details on compatibility information.

Light Compact Design

The small,light belt pack design means that the URX-P40 can mount a wide range of cameras (please see SMAD-P5 for compatibility information) without being obtrusive or add unwanted weight to the camera.

Other features include –

Interchangeable head for wide choice of microphone capsules
High visibility OLED display, ideal for indoor/outdoor use
True double tuner diversity for stable signal reception
Auto gain mode volume control
+15 dB gain volume boost mode for off-mic audio
Line input
Channel memory for fast switching between receiver frequencies for two transmitter operation
Transmitter frequency sent to receiver for matching multiple receivers to one transmitter
Headphone output for monitoring
Monitor mode for using a receiver as an ear monitor
Variable muting function
Compatibility with Sony WL-800/UWP/UWP-D series
Receiver output level control
High visibility OLED display, ideal for indoor/outdoor use
Includes 2x ECM-V1BMP lavalier microphone

* For details on cameras that support this function, please see SMAD-P5 details.


User Manual (3.88 MB)