SONNOX Oxford DeBuzzer

Buzz detection and removal plug-in


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The Sonnox Oxford DeBuzzer plug-in is divided into Detection and Removal stages. The DeBuzzer has several ways of helping isolate the fundamental frequency to eliminate the fundamental frequency and associated harmonics of the buzz in an audio track.

A Peak Profile shows the strength of a given nominal frequency in the input signal.
A large FFT display accentuates any frequency components that are consistently present so that they stand out in the plot. The three highest peaks found are automatically marked so the user can set the nominal frequency by clicking one of the peaks on the graph. The DeBuzzer’s Tone Generator is used as you are honing into the fundamental. The beat frequency between the tone and the fundamental will become slower the closer you get.

The DeBuzzer has three tracking modes: Fast, Auto and Freeze. Auto Mode is suitable for tracking a weak, slowly wandering fundamental and operates over all three frequency bands. Fast tracking mode allows the removal filters to automatically follow a quickly wandering fundamental. In Auto Mode the plug-in will automatically move towards the detected frequency DeBuzz detail and set itself up to remove it. Once the hum has disappeared, Freeze mode can be selected to set the nominal to this exact frequency and stop the detector from searching.

The DeBuzzer’s removal filter default is a comb filter. It can overridden by selecting Para-EQ mode, which means using parametric EQ sections to remove the fundamental and harmonics.

The listen section of the Output Panel contains an option to listen to the difference between the input and the processed output. This is labeled ‘Diff’ and is particularly useful for hearing what has been repaired, and for listening to the quality of the repairs without being distracted by the audio material.

Native: RTAS, Audio Units and VST (AAX Native coming soon)

* iLok2 required*


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