SONNOX Live Bundle

Plug-in bundle for Avid VENUE and S3L


£599.00 Price excludes VAT

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The Sonnox Live plug-in bundle is comprised of five plug-ins specifically targeted at live sound engineers using Avid VENUE and S3L consoles. Sonnnox Live plug-ins support both TDM and AAX DSP formats.

Sonnox Live includes:

EQ – 5-band EQ plug-in with selectable shelf settings on LF and HF sections up to 36dB/Octave.

Dynamics – Offers separate Compression, Limiter, Expand, Gate and side chain EQ functions, with full independent control of all parameters.

Inflator – Allows for an increase in the apparent loudness of almost any programme, without obvious loss of quality or audible reduction of dynamic range,

TransMod – Transient Modulator plug-in that enables dramatic manipulation of signal transients.

Reverb – Stereo reverberation generator with a very comprehensive early reflections section, and integrated 5-band EQ.

SuprEsser DS – Included for the exclusive use of S3L users. This professional Desser plug-in has a very low latency of sub 2ms, making it ideally suited for live applications or live tracking in Pro Tools.

Mac licences and Native licences are not included in this specially priced bundle for Avid Live consoles. Call HHB for equivalent bundle of HD-HDX licences (including Mac and Native licences).

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