Talkback Intercom.


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The Sonifex TB-6D is a talkback intercom useful for general talkback between studios, with each unit being able to talkback to up to 6 others connected to together.

The talkback outputs and input are balanced signals on a 15-way male ‘D’ type plug and the talkback input can be adjusted from -28dB to 9dB using a rear panel preset pot. You can speak to the separate locations using the onboard front-panel electret mic or there is a separate external mic input on a 3 pin XLR female connector, into which you can plug a suitable gooseneck microphone.

For monitoring, you can use either the built-in 1W loudspeaker, or headphones on a 6.35mm unbalanced stereo jack.  Additionally, the monitor speaker can be muted via a remote contact on the 9 pin D-type External Input connector.

• Talkback intercom unit

• Combine up to 7 units in one system

• Built-in mic

• XLR connector for external mic

• Built-in 1W speaker

• Headphone output

• 15-way D-type talkback I/O connectors