Sonifex Digital Splitter & Combiner


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The RB-SP1 digital splitter & combiner is used to interface various double sampling pieces of equipment. Some older equipment uses 2 AES/EBU connectors for double sampling with each connector carrying an audio signal at a normal frame rate, whilst other equipment has a single connector using twice the frame rate.

The RB-SP1 can interface between them, either combining the signals from 2 XLR’s into 1, or splitting the signal from 1 XLR into 2.

The RB-SP1 can also be used for interfacing stereo and mono signals to digital mixing desks by splitting the left and right signals of a stereo XLR to two separate XLR’s, and vice versa by combining them.

Additionally, a sample rate converter on the second digital input can be used to convert the sample rate of the secondary input to that of the primary input. The RB-SP1 can handle sample rates up to 96kHz and sample sizes of 16, 20 and 24 bit.

There are two types of operation : Split 96, and Stereo/Mono. These each have three different switch modes : Split, Bypass and Combine. (Download the product handbook for further information on what this product can do).

Both inputs and outputs can be selected as either AES/EBU or S/PDIF with the resultant digital level following the switch selection.