6 Way +48V Phantom Power Supply


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The RB-MSP6 is a 1U rack-mount phantom power supply, designed to be used in conjunction with up to six RB-MS4X3s, providing mains input redundancy to ensure the target microphones remain powered in the event of a single mains failure.

Two mains AC inlets power separate 48V supplies that are diode fed to six locking DC connector outputs. Each output connector is individually protected with a resettable fuse rated at 50mA, so a fault on one output will not affect the others.

Should either of the 48V supplies fail, or if their AC power input is removed, the corresponding red front panel LED will extinguish, and a relay alarm output is provided on the rear panel D-Type.

Category: Phantom Power Supplies.
Product Function: Providing multiple +48V power outputs.
Typical Applications: Connecting to multiple RB-MSP6 microphone splitters to ensure phantom power redundancy for connected microphones .

    • Dual redundant IEC power inlets.
    • 6 x locking DC output connectors.