24-way audio distribution amplifier


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The Sonifex RB-DA24MD is an audio distribution amplifier offering 2 inputs and 24 outputs in a 1U rack mount unit. The two inputs of the RB-DA24MD can be either individually routed to 12 outputs or mixed and routed to all 24 outputs. The inputs can also be configured as either dual mono, input 1 routed to outputs 1-12 and input 2 routed to outputs 13-24, or mixed-mono, inputs 1 and 2 mixed at a pre-set level and routed to all 24 outputs.
When set to mixed mono operation, the RB-DA24MD provides a choice of three different output mix level modes. These are enabled by altering internal jumpers, providing -6dB, -3dB or 0dB adjustment of the output.
The XLR inputs and D-type outputs on RB-DA24MD are electronically balanced and can be wired unbalanced. Each output is individually buffered so that the short circuit of one output will not affect the others. The outputs are also protected against connection to both POE (power over Ethernet) and phantom power circuits.
The RB-DA24MD has master gain controls for both input 1 and input 2, which are pre-set potentiometers accessible through the rear panel. These controls allow the gain to be adjusted from -15dB to +15dB, which is a useful feature for normalising consumer to professional signals and vice versa. A 125Hz 6dB per octave roll off filter is activated by a push switch on the rear panel, when selected the filter is applied to both inputs.


• Input impedance: >20kΩ bridging (balanced)
• Output impedance: <50Ω
• Maximum Input Level: +28dBu
• Maximum Output Level: +28dBu
• Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz ±0.1dB (600Ω load, ref 1kHz)
• Gain Range: Adjustable -15dB loss to +15dB gain
• Common Mode Rejection: >66dB typically
• LF Roll Off Filter: 125Hz at 6dB/octave
• Distortion: 0.01%THD @ 1kHz, red + 8dBu output
• Noise: -100dB unity gain, ref +8dBu output
• Inputs: 2 x XLR 3 pin female (balanced)
• Outputs: 2 x 25 way D-type plug (balanced, can be unbalanced)


Datasheet (202.50 KB)