Net-Log 4 Ch. Logger 1TB HDD


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A four-channel digital audio encoder and storage unit designed to overcome the compromises of PC-based recording. Conceived for recording (“logging”) the output of radio stations, the unit is also suitable for more general audio archive applications that would benefit from the remote access feature. Using dedicated hardware in a single rack unit case, Net-log is controlled and accessed via a TCP/IP network using PCs running dedicated software.

The inputs can be configured for mono, dual-mono or stereo sources; the audio data is stored on an internal disk-drive using the MPEG Layer-2 format as standard, however an optional G.729 codec is available for use (see Recording paragraph for further details). A wide range of bit-rates and encoding configurations are possible to maximize the effectiveness of the available storage. Although the internal disk could retain the encoded audio for some time before being overwritten, recordings would normally be saved on external storage media , usually a file server, if they are required for long-term use. Each Net-log is assigned a unique IP address, so more than one unit can be connected to a network.

The unit is designed for storage only. To access the audio a TCP/IP network is required, and a PC running Net-Log-Win software (supplied separately). This application is required to configure the network settings, the input channels, the recording schedule and the archiving routines. Software and firmware have been designed to be resilient to power failures, and a secure password control scheme prevents unauthorized tampering with the configuration. Except for one button to activate recording in an emergency, there is no means of accessing the unit from the front panel, although as an aid to maintenance, LEDs indicate the audio levels, archive alarm and if a disk fault is detected. Serial control code has been added so that recording can be controlled by AMX, Crestron and Televic (meeting room & board room) controllers.

  • 6 stored configuration templates with 4 user editable sets.
  • Front panel loudspeaker with separate feed for an external loudspeaker.
  • Loudspeaker mute and dim controls, also available on remote input.
  • Remote ‘tally’ outputs indicating when each channel is active.
  • Remote inputs providing a call indication on each channel.
  • Built in tone generator for channel identification.