LED Single Flush Mounting 40cm MEETING IN PROGRESS Sign


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The SignalLed range of illuminated RGB LED signs are designed for installers. Because the sign itself contains the control electronics, and RGB LEDs are used, the signs can be simply configured on site for particular requirements, using an optional remote control. For ease of use, as standard, they are configured in standard colours (see Configuration Chart under Product Resources on the product webpage). Using the optional remote control, they may be configured in one of 8 other colours (see User Manual under Product Resources on the product webpage) . ‘Twin’ types may be configured as two separate signs.

The signs are supplied, as standard, complete with a plug-in power supply with attached outlet cable. The DC input and control-signal cables route through an integral cable clamp and connect to a screw-terminal block.

Programming Alternative Colour and Display Modes

If an alternative Colour or Display Mode is required, then they must be programmed using an optional LD-RPC remote control, suitable for use on any number of signs. For further information on these modes, see User Manual under Product Resources on the product webpage.

Dual Control Inputs

The sign can be controlled by either, or both, of two pull-low inputs. For example, a single input can be used to control a single ‘MIC LIVE’ sign, or two inputs can be used to control a twin ‘TX’ and ‘REH’ sign with independent control of each side of the sign.

Single or Twin Signs

Each sign is 200mm or 400mm long. The 400mm signs are available both as single and twin-display types. The twin ones can be split into two 200mm sides which can be controlled separately or jointly. For example, a twin unit could combine ‘ON AIR’ and ‘MIC LIVE’ in one sign.

Flush, End or Ceiling Mounting

The single and twin signs are supplied, as standard, so that they can be mounted flush to a wall. However, optional mounting kits available are: LD-KE1 – enables the sign to be installed perpendicular to a wall (end-mounting), for example above a door or mounting kit, LD-KC1 – enables the sign to be mounted to the ceiling. A special end-mounting installation tool, the LD-IT, is available for use with the LD-KE1 end-mount kit, to allow the sign to be temporarily mounted to the wall whilst still allowing access to the power and signal wiring, thus saving an extra pair of hands to simply hold the sign in place.

Custom Signs

Custom signs with alternative wording, including other languages, can be produced to special order, price by quotation. Please contact Sales for further information.