Single 3 Way Passive AES3ID Splitter w/ BNC Connectors


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M-AESB3 Single 3 Way Passive AES3ID Splitter With BNC Connectors

The CM-AESB3 is a passive “one-to-three” splitter housed in a small but robust aluminium box. It is designed to split a single AES3ID digital audio source to up to three destinations, using female BNC connectors.

Particularly useful in a video production and broadcast environment, the CM-AESB3 splits the input signal through high quality transformers. 75Ω termination can be applied, if desired, to unconnected outputs to maintain optimum carrier parameters.

The CM-AESB3 requires no power to operate, ensuring your audio remains connected from source to destination(s) without interruption from power failures.