Technician Remote Controller, Rackmount


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The presenter mixer system allows on-air presenters to adjust the audio levels fed to their radio or wired IEM systems, whilst also allowing Sound Control Room operators to adjust the levels remotely. The system consists of 3 types of unit all connected on a common Ravenna Audio over IP (AoIP) network with added audio sources derived from Ravenna based AoIP mixers or input portals. Setup and control can be provided via webpages and/or 3rd party applications. The system uses mono audio throughout.

The 3 units are:
AVN-PX8x4C – a 2U rack mounted Mix Engine Rack.
AVN-MPPR – a small desk, or microphone stand, mounted Presenters’ Remote Unit.
AVN-MPTR – a 1U rack mounted Technicians’ Remote Unit.

The AVN-MPTR Technician Remote Unit allows a technician to have control of a Virtual Mixer, paralleling the Presenter Remote Unit controls.

The MPTRs are assigned to a gallery and hence are normally tied to a Mix Engine. Note that no audio is present on the Technician’s Remote Unit – the monitor audio for this is provided by an output on the Mix Engine routed to the technician’s area, but this product has similar connectivity to the MPPR and we can supply audio enabled versions of the MPTR if required.

The Virtual Mixer (VM) to be controlled is selectable using the Virtual Mixer buttons labelled Pres 1 – Pres 8 on the front panel. The mixer selection buttons are only active when the AVN-MPTR is grabbed by a mix engine (as indicated by a green Auth LED). When a VM is selected, the corresponding button will be illuminated green (or blue if MPPR lock out is set for that VM). If no VM is selected, then all the mixer select button LEDs will be off. Once a VM has been selected, the rotary encoders act in the same way as on the Presenter Unit.

The AVN-MPTR is able stop MPPRs that are assigned to a particular VM from controlling the source levels.