Analogue Headphone Amp for AVN-PA8/D & AVN-PM8/D Portals


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The AVN-PA8/D and the AVN-PM8/D Portals can be combined with multiple AVN-HA1 headphone amplifiers to provide a headphone distribution system – the portal output connections can supply analogue power to satellite headphone amplifiers and the unit can be mounted using the CM-MNT1 desk mount panel.

The AVN-PA8/D and AVN-PM8/D can be combined with multiple Sonifex AVN-HA1 headphone amplifiers to provide 8 separate headphone signals where each headphone amplifier can be sent a separate feed, mixed from any physical or stream inputs.

  • Front panel 6.35mm (1/4”) headphone socket and volume control knob.
  • Front panel Mute/GPO push button.
  • Analogue audio input on RJ45 (the connector provides power to the unit and a GPO back to the portal).
  • Loop through audio output on RJ45 (power and GPO signal are not connected).
  • Locking DC power connector (if a portal is not being used to supply the unit with power).

Note: The AVN-HA1 is an analogue input product taking an analogue audio feed from the AVN portals. It can be used independently of the portals by using the separate DC input for power and a separate analogue input.