Dante® to AES3 16 Channel I/O Converter


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The AVN-DIO19 audio converter and interface converts up to eight digital stereo AES3 inputs and eight digital stereo AES3 outputs to and from the Dante Audio-over-IP networking standard. Each input can accept sample rates from 32kHz to 192kHz, which will be sample rate converted to the Dante system sample rate. All outputs follow the Dante system sample rate.

It’s powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE), using Neutrik EtherCON® connectors, with primary and secondary ports for power and data redundancy. The AVN-DIO19 uses the latest Audinate Dante® chipsets so is AES67 and Dante Domain Manager® compliant.

There are front panel LEDs to indicate network clock status, AoIP Primary and AoIP Secondary link status, PoE Primary power and PoE Secondary power active. In addition to these there are 8 AES3 input lock status LEDs.

A web interface is available for firmware updates, status information, network and device settings.
The AVN-DIO19 is supplied with a belt-clip, shoulder strap hooks (but not the strap) and an under desk mounting plate. Up to 3 of the AVN-DIO19 units can be rackmount in the 1U AVN-DIORK.


Key Features

  • 8 x balanced digital stereo AES3 inputs and outputs on 2 x 25-way D-types.
  • Sample rate conversion of physical inputs to Dante system sample rate.
  • Physical output sample rate matches Dante system sample rate.
  • Dual redundant Primary and Secondary Dante network ports using Neutrik EtherCON® Ethernet connectors.
  • Powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) with PoE dual redundancy.
  • Fully Dante compliant device.
  • AES67 compatible.
  • Dante Domain Manager compliant.
  • Web interface for configuration.
  • Clock, PoE, Network link and AES3 input lock LEDs.
  • All available Dante sample rates supported.
  • Supplied with belt-clip, shoulder strap hooks (but not the strap) and under desk mounting plate.
  • 3 x units rackmount in the AVN-DIORK.

Technical Specification for AVN-DIO19


Input & Output Impedance: 110Ω Balanced
Sample Rates: 32 – 192kHz


Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
Encoding: PCM16, PCM24, PCM32

PoE Power

Standard: 802.3at Type 1
Class: 0
PD Power Range: 0.44W to 12.94W
Typical PSE Power Usage: TBD
Max PSE Power Usage: 15.4W

Equipment Type

AVN-DIO19: Dante to AES3 16 channel I/O converter

Physical Specification

Dimensions (Raw): 14.0cm (W) x 13.6cm (D) x 4.2cm (H)
5.5” (W) x 5.4” (D) x 1.7” (H)
Dimensions (Boxed): 17.8cm (W) x 17cm (D) x 5.6cm (H)
7.0” (W) x 6.7” (D) x 2.2” (H)
Weight: TBD


AVN-DIORK: AVN-DIO 1U 19” rack kit (5 x small DIO or 3 x large DIO)
CBL-D25-4XI4XO: AES3 balanced cable, DB25 to 4 x XLR3M and 4 x XLR3F, 3m
CBL-D25-D25: AES3 balanced cable, DB25 to DB25, 3m