RTW Radar Display Licence

Software Module for TM7 & TM9


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Software Modules:

Build your meter!

A totally modular software concept means that you have to purchase features that you actually require. This puts you in control, defining the functionality of an individual TouchMonitor that suits your needs best. New instruments and functions can be added as software modules (licenses) to the device at any time. Many display functions from RTW products well known and used for years are available to choose from

SW20005: Radar Display

— Precondition: Software module SW20002 is already installed! —
This module provides a high resolution circular Loudness display for Momentary values and history, enhanced with numerical display of measuring time and two descriptors. The Radar Display equals the Loudness Radar Meter of TC Electronic®. For signals with more than two channels software module SW20001 is required.