Tube stereo ribbon microphone


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The flagship Royer SF-24V is a vacuum tube, stereo microphone that utilises the same electronics as the R-122V ribbon microphone to deliver the ultimate in stereo ribbon miking. The SF-24V’s tube electronics provide increased midrange reach, exceptional clarity and detail and an airiness not previously heard from a ribbon microphone.
The SF-24’s independent circuit provides and output level of -38 dB, which is suitable for use with any professional microphone preamplifier. Its quiet operation and low self-noise (18 dB) makes it well suited for classical and acoustic recording applications.
Similar to the SF-12, The SF-24V combines two matched ribbon microphones placed one on top of each other in a coincident pair. Each microphone is aimed at 45-degrees from the centre in the classic Blumlein configuration.
The SF-24V provides a wide uniform frequency response with no substantial peaks or dips due to its magnet/pole piece transducer structure, while its 1.8-micron ribbon element delivers exceptional transient response. The SF-24V also delivers excellent frequency response regardless of the angle of sound hitting the ribbon, and off-axis coloration is negligible.
The SF-24V’s features twin head amplifiers that are comprised of low-noise, triode-connected military grade 5840 vacuum tubes. The circuits are devoid of typical vacuum tube coloration. Despite its high sensitivity, the SF-24V does not exhibit any additional self-noise. This higher sensitivity is due to its large, specially wound toroidal transformers, which is devoid of the additional noise commonly associated with high output microphones. The tube system operates at less than unity, adding no noise of its own.
• Symmetrical figure-8 polar pattern
• Frequency response: 30 – 15,000 Hz ± 3dB
• Max SPL: >130dB
• Vacuum tube circuitry provides high output and impedance matching
• True stereophonic (Blumlein and M-S) recording from one coincident microphone
• High SPL capabilities
• Equal sensitivity from front or back of elements
• Dimensions: 270mm X 39mm (base) X 25mm (top) (10 5/8″ X 1.5″ X 1″)
• Weight: 583 grams (20.5 oz)


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