Stereo coincident ribbon microphone


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The Royer SF-24 active stereo coincident ribbon microphone provides excellent stereo separation and imaging, with no audible diffraction effects or cavity resonance. The SF-24 is comprised of two matched ribbon microphones placed one above the other and fixed at a 90-degree angle, which allows for Blumlein and M-S recording with one microphone.

Due to integrated active electronics in the SF-24, it produces an output similar to a studio condenser microphones with optimum impedance to the ribbon elements. This prevents overdamping of the elements and assures consistent microphone performance. High gain and low output impedance also allows the SF-24 to operate efficiently with any microphone preamplifier with phantom power, including those of nominal gain and input impedance characteristics.

The SF-24 delivers excellent monaural compatibility when summing the two elements to mono, and exceptional frequency response regardless of the angle of sound striking the ribbons. Off-axis coloration is negligible. An extension cable and adapter is included with the SF-12 to separate left and right XLR connectors.

Both of SF-24’s ribbon transducers incorporate cross-field motor assemblies comprised of four Neodymium magnets and Permendur iron pole-pieces. This creates a very short path between the front and rear sides of the ribbon elements and results in a high frequency response. Dual low mass, 1.8-micron ribbons made of pure (99.99%) aluminium provide optimised transient response. The microphone’s case is ingot iron and forms part of the magnetic return circuit, an effective system with low leakage flux which accounts for the relatively high sensitivity in a trim package.

• Crossed figure-8 polar pattern
• Frequency Response: 40 – 15,000 Hz ± 2dB
• Sensitivity: -38 dB (re. 1v/pa ±1dB)
• True stereophonic (Blumlein and M-S) recording from one microphone
• Phantom powered
• Extremely low self-noise
• Ribbon elements unaffected by impedance/load, heat or humidity
• Equal sensitivity from front and back of elements
• Very low magnetic leakage
• 200 Ohms output impedance
•Dimensions: 270mm X 39mm (base) X 25mm (top) (10 5/8″ X 1.5″ X 1″)
• Weight: 583 grams (20.5 oz)


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