PUNCHLIGHT Studio Display XT2

Recording indicator


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PunchLight Studio Display XT2 has multicolour for all segments.

This means during playback timecode is in green, ‘ready’ is in yellow and during recording all segments turn red. Optionally, you can choose a base colour of red only for all modes.

PunchLight DLi included: The USB connection is via the PunchLight DLi. This small box has one output for the Display XT2 and also two additional outputs for connecting external lights, such as the Recording Display, Lamp, Ring etc. The PunchLight DLi connects to computers via a standard 2m USB cable. The Studio Display PunchLight XT2 is hooked up to the PunchLight DLi via a six-wire cable, terminated at both ends using RJ12 phone connectors. This cable is supplied in the standard length of 10m.
The PunchLight Studio Display XT2 has seconds on the clock. In addition, Time is continuously backed up by an internal battery, so the clock is still set when the unit is turned off or disconnected from the power supply.
PunchLight Studio Display displays timecode, time or samples and bars. The remote control can turn off the last two segments, switch between dot or colons, filter MTC, switch the display between Pro Tools or other audio applications (‘Generic’) and set overall brightness. You can still send custom messages from your computer to the display using the remote.
  • Bars and beats/feet and frames
  • Timecode/samples/time
  • MIDI timecode (MTC) reader
  • Indicates recording start/stop, record-ready/pre-roll/post-roll
  • Clock
  • Sleep mode
  • Custom messages
  • Brightness control
  • Recording indication on/off
  • Anti-flicker mode (turns off last two segments)
  • Remote control of all functions
  • Aluminium frame