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PunchLight Relay SwitchBox USB is a small USB-powered unit with two built-in switching relays.

The unit can control any signalling systems already installed in the studio. You can control any other device, e.g. speakers, a microphone or your own light system. The Relay Switch Box USB can work without a power supply, as it is connected and powered via just a 5V USB port.

It is possible to connect an additional external light, such as the RECORDING Display, RECORDING PlexSign, RECORDING Ring or RECORDING Lamp. A 12V power supply is needed in this case. The 12V PSU is not supplied in the package.
The unit is compatible with most audio applications such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Samplitude, Reaper, Sonar, Vegas Pro.
All functions are set up via the PunchLight Software Utility.
  • Automatically indicates recording (red) and record ready/preroll
  • Connects directly to USB
  • Two relays with terminal plate
  • Relay outputs: On/Off
  • No Power Supply needed for Relay’s to work
  • Removable cable 2m (can be longer if USB extension cables are used)
  • Easy installation
  • MAC or PC compatible
  • LED indication of status
  • One 12V output for an external light (Recording Display, Recording Lamp, etc.)
  • 12V PSU required for connection to an external light
  • Size – 105mm x 24mm x 54mm (4.13in x 1in x 2.13in)
  • Supported applications: Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer, Sonar, Vegas Pro, Reaper, Reason, Studio One