Optocore X6R-FX

Audio Converter


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The X6R is a converter unit with a high degree of flexibility concerning the I/O configuration. It has six different card types enabled to customise the card slots on the rear of the device, the conversion of analogue signals – 16 inputs, 16 outputs, 8 inputs and 8 outputs or dual microphone inputs with two independent adjustable preamps – to AES/EBU is provided as well as the sample rate conversion for AES/EBU. Twelve different versions are available. The AES/EBU card could be set from 16 channels to 8 channels in combination with mic IN, line IN or line OUT card and IN/OUT configuration can be changed in groups of 8 channels Audio and Data is exchangeable from OPTOCORE to SANE and vice versa. The X6R is especially designed for rack mounted applications and permanent installation. All cards are equipped with Euroblock connectors. With the other Optocore or SANE devices, the X6R-FX offers a great flexibility to build the network exactly suiting an application’s need. These common installation interfaces provide a simple and cost-efficient connection to other audio equipment.

Features Include

  • 8 Mic IN, 8 Line IN, 8 Line OUT, 8 DualMic, 8 AES (16-channel)
  • Any 2-board combination available
  • Microphone Preamps controllable from different digital consoles
  • AES configurable as ins or outs in groups of 4 (8-channels)
  • 2 x fibre SFP ports for redundant Optocore ring
  • 2 x SANE ports for MADI Cat5, X6R/V3R/Y3R-TP or LAN connectivity
  • 4 x RS485/422
  • 2 x LAN
  • Word Clock I/O
  • Dual redundant PSU

Ordering Options

There are several different options available when ordering the X6R-FX, if you have any questions about the table below contact our team and one of our sales engineers will be happy to explain the different options.

Device name I/O Description
X6R-FX-16MI 16x Microphone Input
X6R-FX-16LI 16x Line Input
X6R-FX-16LO 16x Line Output
X6R-FX-DualMI 8x Microphone Inputs with dual preamps
X6R-FX-8MI/8LI 8x Microphone Input, 8x Line Input
X6R-FX-8MI/8LO 8x Microphone Input, 8x Line Output
X6R-FX-8LI/8LO 8x Line Input, 8x Line Output
X6R-FX-16AE-SRC 8x AES3 (16 channels) with sample rate converters
X6R-FX-16AE 8x AES3 (16 channels)
X6R-FX-8AE-SRC/8MI 8x AES3 (16 channels) with SRC, 8x Microphone Input
X6R-FX-8AE/8MI 8x AES3 (16 channels)*, 8x Microphone Input
X6R-FX-8AE-SRC/8LI 8x AES3 (16 channels)* with SRC, 8x Line Input
X6R-FX-8AE/8LI 8x AES3 (16 channels)*, 8x Line Input
X6R-FX-8AE-SRC/8LO 8x AES3 (16 channels)* with SRC, 8x Line Output
X6R-FX-8AE/8LO 8x AES3 (16 channels)*, 8x Line Output

*n.b. As the X6R-FX is a 16 channel device, the configurations with AES & analogue boards are limited to 8 channels of AS when using the analogue ins or outs.