AD/DA Converter for SANE CAT5 network


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The V3R is a converter unit with a high degree of flexibility concerning the I/O configuration. Three different card types enable to customise the card slot on the rear of the device for the conversion of analogue signals – 8 microphone inputs, 8 line inputs or 8 line outputs – to AES/EBU. The V3R is especially designed for rack mounted applications and permanent installation. All cards are equipped with Euroblock connectors. With further SANE TP devices, the X6R-TP offers a great flexibility to build the CAT5 network exactly suiting an application’s need. These common installation interfaces provide a simple and cost-efficient connection to other audio equipment.

Features Include

  • Single Analogue board – 8 x Analogue channels
  • An Analogue board selection: 8 Mic IN, 8 Line IN, 8 Line OUT
  • Microphone Preamps controllable from different digital consoles
  • 2 x SANE ports for fibre FX device channel extension or MADI Cat5
  • Daisy Chain up to 7 TP devices with single FX unit
  • 16 x AES3 ports – 32 audio channels
  • Analog and AES channels fully routable to any FX or TP device in the Network
  • 1 x LAN
  • Word Clock I/O
  • Dual redundant PSU

Ordering Options

There are three different options available when ordering the V3R-TP, if you have any questions about the table below contact our team and one of our sales engineers will be happy to explain the different options.


Device name I/O Description
V3R-TP-8MI 8x Microphone Input
V3R-TP-8LI 8x Line Input
V3R-TP-8LO 8x Line Output